Thursday, February 23, 2012

We're STONED.....

As you can see the stone has been placed across the front of the house.

The drywall is also done. The top picture is our bedroom looking into the master bath; next comes the kitchen and then the great room looking into the kitchen and the den (to the left).

I was in C-town on Tuesday and Wednesday to get these photos. They were sanding the drywall yesterday and expected to put a first coat of paint on today. After that comes vinyl flooring in the baths and the kitchen cabintes are to be installed starting next Friday.

We are looking at a closing the second full week of April.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scoreboard plague

Last night was the last time that I will operate the scoreboard for a Paulding athletic event. It was Senior night and the Panther boys beat Bryan.

Prior to the player introductions I received this plague.

I still have five straight nights of basketball to do for the state tourney-boys (sectional) and girls (districts)-starting Feb. 28th.

PS: I also wore a tie to do the games for the 1st time ever.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Live from Powell, Ohio it's.... The Doors!

Went to Powell , Ohio today. There was no one working. All of the electrical/cable/phone lines are in and apparently inspected by the builder. The breaker box is below our bedroom so all of the wiring runs up the back wall in our room and them spreads through out the house. As you can see the garage floor has been poured; the basement floor has also been poured and the concrete cap on the crawl space in done as well. The picture that is not a door is of the crawl space from a mid point in the basement looking toward the front of the house. There is lots of storage space there. I think that the next step is the insulation before the drywall process starts.