Friday, October 31, 2008

Dela Where?

So does anyone know where Vice President candidate Joe Biden went to college?.............Here is a hint he spoke at his old stomping ground today and I was there. I will leave my political preferences out of here but I how often do you get to see the possible future vice president. Anyway there were crowds and protests all over and that was just in the dining hall. But seriously the secret service was everywhere and all of my classes within 10 blocks of memorial hall were canceled. This semester is flying by and is going well. The intramural soccer season is going well with both The Blue barracudas (coed) and How Now Brown Cow (mens) in the playoffs this week. Also my suite mates and I have been looking for housing for about a month and on Wednesday we signed our lease for next year. It is a 4 bedroom house technically off campus but it couldn't be much closer to campus. I hope everyone is well and I cant wait to see you all very soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The area's all a-buzz....McCain's coming to Defiance on Thursday........Our marching band has been invited to participate. I think I'll stay home!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


OK I no this is a little late but thats ok. But on October 18 ,2008 me and my girlfriend went to her schools homecoming. It was a lot of fun (and i can dance very well). So i can dance and you can ask kayla yourself when u see her. And on the last dance me and my friend decided to be cool and rip our shirts off but then i remember that my shirt had buttons and his shirt has snap on stuff, so i lost all the buttons on my shirt. but all in all it was well worth it and i had alot of fun.

so hear is a picture or us three but there is someone in the middle and i would like everyone to guess who it is (just look close he kinda looks like me)

so have fun



Sean is not back mowing, he's done mowing for the season. Raking will begin soon. Lizzie was a Miss Fix-It last week by putting new weather-stripping around our front door. The difference in temperature is quite noticeable. We may insulate the attic after talking about it for 2.5 years or so.

Northstar has been through the roof busy from July until...last week. We may finally be slowing down for the winter without the patio, but our Saturdays and Sundays are still brisk. Believe it or not, Liz and I are headed to the farm tomorrow and then we'll have another round of picking in two weeks! Their season is long and productive as you can tell.

The Jackets are off to a 3-5 start. Michael C. and I are now 6-game season ticket holders (his idea!) I'm determined to make it double-digits in live games this year. At least they're better than the Bengals. Sorry mom.

My band play a show last week and may start recording a demo soon. Right now the only thing we have "released" on the internet are some live mp3s. Liz has been hard at work getting ready for the upcoming craft fair, Tiny Canary. She's also been doing some design work for her Chiropractor and perhaps working another school craft fair in early December.

I'll leave you with a photo. Cheers from the Royal Forest Joneseseses.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess who at Northstar today....

Allright everyone, who is going to put the first comment up revealing the identity of our special guest at Northstar today?? He has now been in the building three times in the past three weeks....I think he's hooked!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

freshman year

So, this is just to let everyone know how my first semester is going so far. I seem to be doing fine in most of my classes, studying hard during the week. Today, for example, I had a 10 to 11, 11 to 12, 4 to 5, and 5:30 to 6:45 classes. Between 12 and 4 I had some time to relax, but then after my 6:45 I proceeded to work on engineering homework for the next 3 and 1/2 hours with a few fellow students. I then went to the commons to eat dinner and then to the library to get a movie. After this I helped some fellow students study and hung around. I'm going to bed now, 2:30, after a long day. My wednesdays are about the same difficulty only with a 1-3 class thrown in. My other days are no where near as hectic, and the weekends are pretty relaxing. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on any new updates from UMBC.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tiny Canary

I just received word that I have been accepted into the Tiny Canary Indie Design Market for this year. Tiny Canary is an art & crafts event thrown in November as a place for people to purchase handmade gift items for the upcoming holidays. This event drew thousands of people over the course of two days last year and I'm hoping this year will be even better (as it is the 2nd year for the show). I have a lot of work ahead of me to get ready in time, but I'm super excited!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yes We Can

I went to the Obama rally here in Columbus today. The mood was jubilant and the message was positive. It was a great experience though I should have worn sun screen. I currently resemble a radish...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy 26th Anniversary Robert and Robin!

Hope you have a great day! Do something fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Knee, continued

Arrived at the surgery center at 11:10 this morning. Didn't have to wait long to be called in. The surgeon was running about an hour ahead (yes, I said ahead) so I was wheeled in a little before 1:oo and after having a spinal I laid back on the operating table and watched the whole scope. Didn't take more than 20 minutes. Then I had to wait in recovery and the initial waiting area for the effects of the spinal to wear off so I could put weight on my good leg. We finally left around 5:00.

I don't have to do any physical therapy; just some in-house exercises 4 or 5 times a day. I have already done one set tonight. I go back a week from Friday for a follow-up exam.

And Donna-I know how to use the crutches-I believe that I learned to use them when you were about 9-can you remember that far back at your age?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Poshta is Live

I listed several invitation designs and a couple of greeting cards to the Poshta webstore today. I will keep adding to it as I get items created and photographed, but it's a pretty good start. Thanks for all of your support!

You can tell the Election is Heating up....

Because this weekend we had both Rosie Perez and LUKE PERRY in the Northstar Cafe. That's right ladies, Luke Perry from 90210 ate a cookie with some coffee in the middle of Sunday Brunch. I can only imagine that the celebrities in town going door-to-door will get even bigger and better as we get closer to Election Day. Bruce Springsteen played a free show on OSU's campus yesterday, but he didn't come in to eat.....


Mike's arthroscopic knee surgery is scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow. Will let you all know how things go.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Smith Island Cake

It is now official. The state of Maryland has now named The Smith Island Cake the official state cake. I like to think this was accomplished because of my superior acting ability. I am sure you will all agree and will no doubt join me at the Oscars when I receive my award. Thank you all for your support.