Monday, December 29, 2008

Pittsburgh 2008 update

Randi and I are staying this evening at the Hampton Inn in Monroeville, PA that we all stayed in this summer. As you can see from the photos the remodeling project in the lobby and breakfast area has been completed.

Ian-Christmas 2009 gift idea

As you may recall Ian did not post any ideas for Christmas '08 on the blog. At Aunt Donna's yesterday he mentioned that he would like a giant remote for the TV like the one pictured here. My foot is in the photo for size reference only. Happy shopping.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Uncle Steve and Aunt Cindy!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Forest Hill

Uncle Steve did a great job as the chef while Aunt Cindy was out on call. After having dinner we started in with the gifts.

Nick was the last one in the door so he got to "give" his gift first. Erin was the recipient of this gift. She'll love it!! Erin then "gave" her gift to Uncle Steve. Moving on he gave a gift to Ian (the only one not to post suggestions on the blog.) He looked great with a box of coal. Ian then presented to Aunt Donna, who gave a gift to Uncle Mike, who gave a gift to Linda, who gave a gift to Ali, to then presented a gift to her buddy Nick.

At this point since Nick had already given his gift we moved to the right on the couch and Uncle Bob gave a gift to Kevin (a stained glass Chevy emblem with Kayla in the center). Kevin gave a gift to Sean (he'll like his gift, too) and "Sean" then gave a gift to Julie (nice slippers), who gave a gift to Aunt Randi, who gave a gift to Pop, who then gave a gift to Liz (she'll "sew" like it). "Liz" then gave a gift to Aunt Cindy, who then gave one to Uncle Bob.

Being stuck once again, Matt then gave a gift to Aunt Robin who then gave a gift to Matt. Being stuck again, with only Kim and Uncle Carl left, they gave each other a gift. Kim was last so next year she gets to be first.

Emily also got some gifts from Matt (along with enough hugs and kisses to keep everyone happy.

Quite the day, with games after gift giving, and a good time was had by all. We missed Erin, Sean, Liz and Dave. Also-save your $$ for the 2010 Christmas cruise to celebrate Uncle Steve and Aunt Cindy's 25th anniversay. They're buying drinks at dinner the first night out. Honest!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Down in Bawlmer, Hon

Last night, Mom, Dad, Aunt Caren, Uncle David, and I traveled to Hampden in search of some Christmas lights. We sure did find some on the famous 34th street!

We parked across the street from Cafe Hon and walked the rest of the way to get the full effect. It was really cold but totally worth it.

Pictures! Click to enlarge.

Dad with his least favorite. Blue lights.
A record tree.

The old people being weird.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Graduation, con't

Here's the visual proof of our trip to Kirt's graduation. Hopefully he will find a job at a golf course where it's warm.

Wintery Graduation Adventure!

Sean here, with your Graduation weekend extravaganza news!

My cousin Kirt graduated from Ferris State University on Saturday with a degree in Professional Golf Management. We've been getting all of the wintery precipitation before it moves onto the mid-Atlantic so here is the story of how all the Rouhiers made it from Ohio to Big Rapids, Michigan.

Liz and I planned to leave on Friday morning from Columbus, but on Thursday her Dad and my Dad called (within 2 minutes of each other) to warn us of the incoming ice storm. So, Liz and I packed our things very quickly and scooted up to Toledo to say with her dad late Thursday night. Then came Friday morning, after all the ice had landed and changed to 4-5 inches of snow in Michigan. My father has done the calculating and we averaged 37 miles an hour from NW Ohio to Big Rapids, Michigan. Not a plow hit the Interstates there until probably 1 PM. It was very icy, impossible to know which lane you were in and altogether unsettling. A journey that should have taken about 3.5 hours actually took 6. Keep in mind that Kirt had to be out of his apartment on Friday, so Nancy and Steve Mowery took a commercial van and a Dodge Durango to move Kirt's stuff.

We made it in one piece on Friday before learning that much more snow would be coming late Saturday night. So we went to graduation early Saturday morning. Oh, I forgot to mention that we all had our gifts with us for FAMILY CHRISTMAS! So, after graduation we opened our gifts, packed up our cars, and retreated to the (relative) security of Lansing, Michigan for graduation dinner at Bennigan's. (The story of how we were lost trying to find Bennigan's will be told another day). Eventually we made it back after dinner to reminisce over Christmas past and celebrate Kirt's graduation with the fine Scotch that was in my stocking!

The family is moving back to Ohio today through wind gusts around 25 mph and blowing snow. Everyone except Liz and I left around 8:30 and we're leaving here around 10. Hopefully, everyone will be safe and sound in Ohio by dusk this evening. Post any comments or questions that cross your mind!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Linda!

Hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Oh...the weather outside is..."

AWFUL! Depending on the various TV, radio stations and websites: 1-3"; 3-5" of fluff - mixed w/freezing rain and sleet. Take your pick.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Late Christmas Ideas

I know these are late, but if anyone still needs ideas for me here they are:

Apples to Apples
Gift cards to Barnes and Noble, Old Navy or Walmart
The 1st and 2nd books of the Twilight series
Any sweatshirts or sweatpants from colleges-size XL
Or just surprise me!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Spy...

with my little eye,
a Blue Jackets hat in July.

I love you, dear.

Friday, December 12, 2008

X-mas Ideas

Am I the last one for X-mas ideas? Not certain....

I could use a "new" Orioles hat just like Michael C. I'm not sure when the team re-did its logo but it looks pretty sweet in the latest incarnation. Even I know it is silly to wear a BlueJackets hat in June.

Apart from that, I'm always in need of drumsticks or foam ear-plugs which are pretty easy to find for the band. The sticks I usually play are size "5A" but anything will do...I'm in a hardcore band after all.

Gift cards to bookstores are always appreciated.

You can't go wrong with blank CD-Rs or Wool socks either.

cheers from all of us at the Royal Forest Jones residence. My vacation starts on Monday and by that time I will have worked 16 days in a row at Northstar!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Morning and......


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I know you have all been waiting on me...

Christmas ideas for me include...
-Gift card-Panera Bread, Dicks, Best Buy, etc
-Any type of golf memorabilia
-Joe Flacco jersey
-Season 3 of It's always Sunny in Philadelphia
-A new tie (I got a winternship so I have to look professional)

So now you all can finish your Christmas shopping. I hope everyone is well and I can't wait to see everybody soon.


Sorry this is so late. I'm pretty easy as far as Christmas goes:
Gift certificates - Papertrey Ink, Cornish Heritage Farms, Target, Kohls, iTunes
Fun patterned socks (must fit my giant size 10-11 feet)
referrals to my webstore (this is only sort of a joke)

I don't need much, so it's rather short. I gave Sean most of my ideas. If you need something else you may want to ask him. I hope this is sufficient.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Dinner

Well most everyone has left a list,(people who haven't may not recieve a gift)so now we can all get together to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Cindy and I would like to invite everyone to our house on Christmas Day. We were thinking around 2:00pm would allow everyone to celebrate at home and then come over.

The only catch is that Cindy is on call all day, so we will need a little help with the meal. We will have the turkey, ham, potatoes and drinks. If everyone could bring a side dish that would be great.

Also if everyone could let us know who can attend that would help.

Christmas will be here before we all know it and Cindy and I can not wait to celebrate with everyone.


I'm really bad at this Christmas idea thing. I can never think of anything that I need, especially since I already have a boyfriend. :]

I would ask for a treadmill, but I think that's a little bit out of the price range...
Sooo, I'd like a Sigg waterbottle. [Linda had a good idea!] They have tons of cool designs.
I could use a new photo album to put some of my many photos in.
I like penguins. And mugs, hearts, flowers, music, and purple.
Also, I can never have enough light weight zip-up hoodies. I'm normally a medium.

Because I have such a horrible list, I'll leave you with a picture of Jane. I found her inside of a box full of garland today. Why she was there? I do not know.

And also, here is Pounce aka Monkey, napping on my bed. Mom recently renamed him to Chunky Monkey because he's getting so big. He weighs more than Jane now!

And lastly, just because she's cute, here's Meredith sprinkling the Christmas cookies that we made last week:

Hey Everybody...

Poshta is picking up and someone in Baltimore ordered a desktop calendar from my webstore. I've made it to the east coast!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here's my list of Christmas ideas.
Apples to Apples (A game)
Loaded Questions (A game)
Body Lotion (not too fragrant)
Warm, soft turtlenecks or sweaters (size m white, navy, pink, purple)
A simple silver bracelet
A cruise to somewhere warm
Early retirement
Hope this helps!

Time to "Show What You Know"

GOOD LUCK Linda, Kim, Julie, Matt, Ali and Ian on whatever exams or projects you have to finish up this 1st semester!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Good Morning Joke

Hey Mom!

What do you call eight Latinos standing in quicksand?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bob's Christmas ideas

So believe it or not I am going to give everyone some ideas this year.
Now you all know that I really like my automotive hobby, and I have learned that I can do a lot of mechanical things that I did not know I was capable of.
Having said that, here goes:

A battery tender, which keeps the battery healthy even though it sits for long periods of time.
It does't have to be this one, but here is an example on the attached website.
I have no idea why this is so long, hopefully it works.

As an artist I really like old magazine ads and they way they show a product.
There are many of them on e-bay under 1962 thunderbird.
I frame them as you have seen, and like collecting them.

FYI- most of them have a heading which start with "Thunderbird something"
So here are the ones I already have"
"Thunderbird Hush", " Thunderbird Spell", "Thunderbird Turnpike", "Thunderbird Hour",
"Thunderbird Landau", and one which is a two page ad which says " for '62 four new thunderbirds"

From here on it is up to you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


ok so i got a couple idea

1. is anything john deere anything dodge
3. is another calender (like kim got me)
4. and last is that if uncle bob happens to have me then could he make me a stain glass thing of a chevy logo with the word kayla in the middle

thank u and im excited to see all of you

P.S. uncle bob i was wondering if you didnt have me for christmas if you could still make me the stain glass chevy logo and kayla in the middle and if you could give a price range for it THAT WOULD BE VERY NICE!!!

Becker Christmas ideas

Here are some ideas for the Becker household:

Carl - These movies to finish his James Bond collection
You Only Live Twice
Quantum of Solace

Antique cameras

Gift certificate to Home Depot or Lowes

Donna - Book "The Last Lecture"
CDs (no laughing please, I don't laugh at your taste)
Mac Davis, Glen Campbell
Small desk clock for my office