Sunday, February 24, 2008

Attention all lovers . . .

As spring s l o w l y approaches we all know that in the spring a young man's fancy turns to....BASEBALL! (Gotcha).

With that joyous thought in mind (and since Bob, Steve and I aren't able to attend any meetings (?) in Florida this year) I had a chance to review the Orioles schedule and observed that the Birds will be nesting at home in late May and early June when Randi and I arrive for graduations (assuming that the potential graduates will in fact receive their diplomas). In fact the O's will be playing the hated Yankees and the World Champion Red Sox. So I am wondering how may of you would be able to join us for a game or two while we're there?

On another note-how are the reservations for the trip to Pittsburgh coming?

Later...and remember THINK SPRING.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!

I have a snow day today! My first one in almost 30 years! My office closed today so I don't have to worry about working from home. Kevin is also home, schools are closed. We only have a couple inches of snow, but they're predicting more later, along with sleet and freezing rain. Hopefully Carl will get home safely from Allentown before it gets bad.

Anybody else home today?

Thursday, February 14, 2008



You would think with all the ecards available I'd be able to find appropriate ones for you all. So...this is your card:-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thanks for the snow and ice!

Thanks to everyone in Ohio for sending us their snow and ice! Schools are closed today (makeup day is Friday) and I'm working from home. The storm started with snow yesterday at noon, then changed to sleet last night. The rain continues this morning and everything is covered with ice. It looks pretty but treacherous outside.
Next time you want to send weather our way, make it sunshine and warm temps.

Everybody stay safe today. Love, Donna

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Mom did a pretty great job of describing our stinky adventure. Here are some visuals for your enjoyment. :]

What's that Smell? Mystery at 3 Shad Court

Kim and I came home from school and were nearly knocked over by a horrible smell like paint remover as soon as we stepped inside the front door. Talk about an instant headache!! We searched all over the house sniffing like a bunch of hounddogs trying to locate the source of the unknown odor. Was it coming from upstairs? no. Was it from the basement? no. Was it from the first floor? no........So it must have been coming from the garage!!!
We bravely opened the garage door and were nearly asphyxiated by the fumes! We scurried around trying to find an exploded can of something to no avail. That left only one source............the Thunderbird!!!
We quickly shut the door and waited for BOB to come to the rescue. When our hero arrived home, he also checked the garage for the source of the odor,and finding nothing out of the ordinary, he decided to back out the T-bird. He opened the garage door, cranked up the old 62 and ..............
promptly backed into MY CAR!!!! My little car didn't have a chance against a steel tank!! Then our hero gets out of his tank and says to Kimmie, "Why didn't you yell for me to stop?"
Bob did discover the source of the horrible smell, however. His gas tank apparently had a leak in it and had dripped a large puddle of gas on the garage floor. So the mystery at 3 Shad Court was solved, but at the expense of my faithful little innocent car

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stuff - part 2

Since my last post.....the only day of school we have had since Thurs. Jan. 31......was yesterday! We've had more snow/sleet, tons of fog, rains and flooding. Our school maintenance guy was actually plowing water out of the lot I park in yesterday morning. Tonite was suppose to be conferences - now rescheduled to Feb. 21. We have missed a total of 10 days. Our last day of school was May 21. Geez......As if this hasn't been enough excitement, I received a Summons for Jury Service in the District Court of Toledo for a possible 2 week trial scheduled to begin Feb. 19!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Columbus Artist comes to Baltimore

Hey everybody!

I just found out today that a Columbus artist will be having an exhibition at the University of Maryland. I'm not too certain of all the specifics, but I will include a link at the bottom of this post. He's a really nice guy and does posters for not just rock concerts but also our local high-end food hub called the North Market which is downtown near the Nationwide Arena. Our good friends Wendy and Joe, who some of you met at the dinner after I graduated from OSU, have a couple of his posters in their house and they're really cool. If anyone would be in the neighborhood, or know anyone else in Baltimore interested it is definitely worth a look!

Just copy and paste this address for more information:

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Lost a day at Easter break after being closed yesterday - #7. At least we didn't get the double digit snow that was in the forecast. We only got 4".
Getting the house spruced up for the annual Super Bowl party. Not expecting a good game at all, but goooo GIANTS!