Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's that Sound? Mystery at 3 Shad Court

Can you believe that we have another mystery at 3 Shad Court? If you enter this house after 9:30 pm, you will hear an unusual noise........a quiet whooshing sound coming from upstairs. What could it be? And who is that sleeping in the master bedroom? Is it Darth Vader? No, it's only Bob with his latest gadget, his sleep apnea mask! The sound that you may hear is the humidified air blowing into his mask to make sure that he doesn't stop breathing. Hopefully, Bob will have lots of pep and energy again after he gets used to wearing his mask. Can't wait to get out my honey do list for spring!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Year

Happy anniversary Linda and Nick! This time last year everyone was having a blast! Enjoy your cheesecake.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another March Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Julie! Does Kutztown let you skip classes on your birthday?!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter everyone! Have a great day and be sure to eat some peeps. :]

Friday, March 21, 2008

Royal Forest Joneses to Pitts.

Liz and I just wanted to drop a quick line to everybody that we've reserved our room for Pittsburgh, we'll definately have the time off and we can't wait to see you all. July will be here before you know it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congratulations Kevin!

Kevin found out yesterday that he has been accepted into the Willow Street Career and Technology Center for 11th and 12th grade! He had to complete an application and write an essay, telling why he wanted to attend CTC. He will be working in the Transportation cluster, learning about diesel mechanics, small engines, etc. WAY TO GO KEVIN!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in Williamsburg

Nick and I spent the weekend in Williamsburg! It was a bit drizzly on Sunday morning, but we had an awesome time learning about our heritage!

The Colonial Capitol Bed and Breakfast.

Nick was recruited for the cause!

With a personal hero: Thomas Jefferson.

In the stocks!

Underneath an old tree. Courthouse in the background.

The maze an the Governor's palace garden.

Trapped in the labyrinth. Where's David Bowie??

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike

Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Love, Ali

Friday, March 14, 2008

Drama in Dublin

Well it's certainly been an interesting week at work! Things were moving smoothly until Wednesday afternoon around 3:30. Things had been pretty slow until we hear a bunch of police sirens. Now, most of us thought that it was something to do with the hospital behind us but noooooo. Next thing we know, we're seeing a Dublin city police car, 3 Columbus police cars, a sheriff's car, & an unmarked police car pull into our back parking lot. And as we're watching, cops start pouring out of the cars with guns & rifle's drawn. We see them go in through the delivery entrance & that was the last we saw of them until they led out one of our employees in handcuffs. What did he do?

This link gives the story. Needless to say it's pretty creepy knowing this guy worked for us & A LOT of us are grateful he got arrested!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Julie's in Texas!

Julie left yesterday afternoon at 4:30 for her mission trip/spring break in Dallas Texas. She called today at 11:00 a.m. and said they had just passed into Arkansas from Tennessee, with about 7 more hours of driving left. There are 20 people traveling in one 15-passenger van and a mini-van. They had a lot of snow along the way, and according to weather reports, there was also snow in Dallas. Please keep her in your prayers this week!

Look what landed in my backyard!

A rainbow! It was so brilliant and was an entire archway!

Another Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Your snowed in daughter

Friday, March 7, 2008

Smith Island Cakes

So the State of Maryland is considering making the Smith Island Cake the official desert of the state.

So a resident of the island came on the show this morning to show her cake.

Yours truly was ask to be the taste tester.

The cake was awesome!!

Here is the link to the morning edition. Once you get there, scroll down to the coffee with segments. Once your in there look for the cake.

You all know my address for the fan mail.

Greene Turtle

I was asked to document the Chase, Forest Hill, and Lancaster families get together at the Greene Turtle last Saturday. So here are some fabulous pictures for those who could not be there.

On the way there, Ian decided to be a dog and stuck his entire upper body out of the window. Dad and Mom were following in their car so they witnessed the whole thing. Afterwards, they pulled up next to us and asked Ian if "he was some kind of idiot". Dad, the answer is yes.

And here we have Aunt Donna and Uncle Carl patiently waiting for their food.

Alison enjoying her beverage of choice.

Aunt Cindy and myself.

This part of the gang was excited about something on tv.

And Kevin.
*Julie was there but asked to not be documented. Maybe she's ashamed of us?
**Also Dave was there but he didn't eat any of my cheesecake so he doesn't get a picture. Hah!

And just because they're so cute, my kids. We were on a treasure hunt. :]

Reflect's Third Show

Hey everyone, sorry I've been so quiet on this thing lately. Mom, Dad or Liz can vouch for my increased work-load at the Northstar. Honest.

But last Friday (really?...a week ago?...) I was up non-stop from 4 AM when I went to work, until 2 AM when I got home from unloading after Reflect's third show! No, I didn't have to work on Saturday. We played with Whole Hog from Columbus and Sungod from Cleveland in another basement at a house on OSU's campus. The place was "packed" and the duct-work is extra low in this particular "venue." Good thing I sit down and play the drums.

You'll recognize me in the photo above and I thought I would include a photo of my left-hand man, Matt, who writes all of the songs. And you'll remember our singer, Rob, who looks particularly stunning under the glow of red and green rope lights. We may record soon, but we're writing some new songs. Right now we play 7 songs in about 18 minutes with no breaks in between. It's good to leave the crowd wanting more.


Hey Uncle Steve, I just saw you on the news. How was that cake? It looked delicious!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday mom from Delaware and I will see you Friday

And the winner is...

Have fun voting Ohio Joneses! May the best man (or woman) win!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

So I started a new job, then I rang in the New Year, & now I have......

A brand-new car! That's right.... I finally have said a sad goodbye to the Elantra that has been part of me for 10 years & said hello to a 2008 Honda CR-V! I went to the dealership (the same one Sean went to for his Civic) & 2 1/2 hours later it was approved, signed, sealed & I was driving home! Shocked the heck out of me; when I went down there Thursday night I never expected to drive home in a new car! The car is so new that it had been delivered to the dealership Thursday morning & only had 1 mile on it! I fell in love with it on first sight & am still in shock; it hasn't sunk in yet that this is MINE!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures & I hope all is well with everyone!