Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's that time of the year for posting your Christmas wish lists:-) 
Wants? Needs? Wear? Read? 
Bring it on:-)


Mike said...

My Christmas wish list-

1. Kutztown or Ravens golf hat
2. Barnes and Noble gift card
3. books:
a. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of
Power by Joe Meacham
b. The Black Box by Michael
c. Mission to Paris by Alan Furst
d. Threat Vector by Tom Clacny

Nick said...

Heres my list,

Walking dead compendium
Ruby Programming

Forza 4 (This game is not the same as Forza 4 horizon)
Seven wonders

old navy shirts
Express shirts

Beer stuff:
Williams brewing OR Mr Beer.com - kit

New Complete Joy of homebrewing- Papazian

Beer bottle washer

Gift cards:

Ali said...

Taylor Swift's Red album
Nail Polish
Scarves from target
Target gift card
Amazon gift card

My Dad cannot figure out how to log on here but he would like:

Tom Clancy Threat Vector
Jim Beam Vintage Glass Decantors
Sweedish Fish
Hugs and Kisses xoxo hehe

Momma Becker said...

Just curious - is the limit still $25? I'd like to keep it at that if everyone agrees.

Randi said...

My wish list includes:

new UMBC sweatshirt/large/not hoodie/school colors
gift cards: Bath/Body, Target

Julie said...

-Any type of Ravens gear (size XL)
-Gift card to a craft store

I also love surprises!

Lizzie Jones said...

Hello, all! I really don't need much of anything, so a donation to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank or WOSU (local public radio) would be just fine with me. Should you prefer a more traditional route I would be very appreciative of any of the following:

Astronomy/Night Vision Flashlight (red lights or lenses)

Carcassonne Board Game


Simple biscuit cutter (3" or so)

Of course, I'm not picky, so anything my Secret Santa brings will be met with gratitude. Thank you in advance!

Randi said...

I try, Donna.

Cindy said...

I would love to not get called in to work on Christmas Day!

But, other surprise gifts are always welcome.
Amazon or Kohls gift cards

Linda Herbert said...

Things on my list. :)

iPhone case/bumper
Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon
glass jewelry
Orioles gear
A giftcard for classes at my yoga studio: http://www.bikramyogabaltimore.com/

Kim said...

For Dave:
-Full time driver position at UPS
-Henleys, sweaters, polos size 2xl
-Orioles/Ravens gear

For Kim:
-Orioles/Ravens gear size medium
-Amazon/Target/ACMoore/Michael's gift card
-Something for the house

Erin said...

Daddy, why in the WORLD are you asking for books??? You have a Nook!

Aunt Donna, I'm fine with keeping the gift at $25.

Here is my wish request:

Gift cards to either iTunes or Target. Keeping it simple this year!

Randi said...

Thanks to all who have posted wish lists. Got some good ideas:-) Could use some more......just sayin'!

Mike said...

Because it's Christmas and I can ask for whatever I want!

Randi said...

Shall I list those of you who might not want coal to post a wish list, please:-)
Merry, merry:-)

ian said...

my list:
dress shirts - large
ravens stuff, orioles stuff, natty boh stuff - t shirts extra large
whatever else, surprise me

Momma Becker said...

Carl's wish list:
Pocket t-shirts, size large
gift card to Home Depot or Lowe's

Kevin's wish list:
gift card to Pep Boys
Anything Dodge or Mopar, shirts size xl

Donna's wish list:
Ravens t-shirt, size large
day-to-day calendar or signs for my office (Love, Friend, etc.)
a pain free foot

Randi said...


Robin said...

For Christmas I'd like:

1. more family gatherings
2. rolling pin (not for hitting Bob)
3. gift cards to Bed, Bath, Beyond or Penneys
4. ice bucket
5. dangly interesting earrings, or gold hoops
6. Ravens scarf or socks
7. Be creative

Robin said...

For Christmas I'd like:

1. more family gatherings
2. rolling pin (not to hit Bob)
3. dangly earrings or gold hoops
4. Ravens scarf or socks or other stuff
5. gift card to BedBath and Beyond or Penneys
6. ice bucket set
7. be creative

Randi said...


Matt said...

For Christmas I would like gift cards to either dicks or amazon. I would also like anything else that you think I would like (I trust your judgement)

Mike said...

Pretty scary Matt that you trust this family to buy you the right gift!

rocnrbn said...

Good morning to all...

Here is my list, it's short and sweet
Now you all know I love our boat and living in Maryland so...
I would like a Maryland flag for the boat. The usually measure 12" x 18" and can be found at westmarine.com

Thanks, and see you all soon