Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's About That Time

Christmas wish list time!!
Please comment with some items that you would love to receive this year!

We agreed on a price range of $45-$50, correct?

Happy gift hunting to everyone!


Randi said...

Will give my wishlist a thought:-)

Erin said...

Gift cards to.....:

The Limited
Old Navy

Gotta start a new wardrobe!!!

Ali said...

This phone case for the iphone 5

Amazon GC to buy books
Winter hat/beanie in black or gray

Randi Jones said...

Scarf/gloves to go w/my magenta winter coat, fleece and vest.

Argyle, paisley, girly, or funky case for my LG Quantum C900 phone.

Gift card/s to:
Petsmart, Bath/Body, Kohl's...surprise me:-)

Steve said...

Tom Clancy "Command Authority"
John Grisham "Sycamore Row"
David Baldacci "King & Maxwell"
Rick Atkinson "The Long Grey Line"

Red Swedish Fish

Hugs and Kisses

Mike said...

My wish list:

King and Maxwell-David Baldacci
Storm Front-John Sandford
The Gods of Guilt-Michael Connelly

Barnes & Noble gift card
Lowe's gift card
dark chocolate nonpareils

Baltimore Ravens divot repair tool (it's a gold thing)

Mike said...

That should be a "golf" thing. Sorry. I was expecting GOLD.

Mike said...

Make that "not" expecting GOLD. Jeez-maybe I should quit while I'm only 2 steps behind.

Robin said...

Dear Secret Santa,
I would appreciate:

Ravens lounge pants size m
Ravens socks or slipper socks
cat calendar
earrings (anything interesting)
gift card to kohl's or Penney's
original ideas also accepted!

Kim said...

Cute shirts/sweaters - medium
Yoga pants - medium
Orioles/Ravens stuff is always fun.
Port Wine or Southwest Fiesta cheese from here:
^^Yes I'm serious, that stuff is amazing.
Aunt Donna's bread
Gift card to Target, JCPenney, Kohls

Randi Jones said...

Thanks Ali, Steve, Robin and Kim for your wish lists! I'll start shopping tomorrow:-)

Lizzie Jones said...

I know this is late, but it's mostly because I really don't have much in the way of suggestions. Maybe some new grocery bags. I like the Earth Tote ones that I have. Board games are always good - Carcassone or Bananagrams would be nice. We've been doing more hiking, so hiking socks (Smartwool, Keen, Fits - women's large) would be much appreciated. And surprises are (almost) always wonderful!

Matt said...

A few things that I would enjoy this Christmas
-the counte of Monte cristo by alexandre Dumas
-a bottle of bourbon or Irish whiskey of your choice
-my secret Santa's all time favorite book

Emily has asked me to post this cookbook that she is found of

Ian said...

Guess I'm late on posting here, but my list would include:

-interesting books (history, Teddy Roosevelt, Ben Franklin)
-dress shirts (either L or XL)
-gift cards

Randi Jones said...

More shopping to do thanks to Matt, Emily and Ian;-)

Randi Jones said...
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Randi Jones said...

Of course....maybe I'd like to shop for other members of the Jones Clan who haven't posted:-)

Julie said...

So I know it's late, but here's my list:

Cookbooks to use with my crockpot
Gift cards to Michael's, Target, or Panera Bread
Jewelry is always appreciated

I love surprises, too!

Linda Herbert said...

Nick and I are furnishing our new house, so we'd love some help! Giftcards to places like Kohls, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier One are all good options, or anything you think is a "must have" for new homeowners. :)